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Lube oil blending plant and manufacturing unit for grease and fluids

Leroux & Lotz Technologies (LLT) is an integrated company that specialises in designing and manufacturing modular plants for the production and packaging of petrochemical products such as lubricants, greases or additives. Based on an original skid mounted modular unit concept, the know-how of LLT in this field is unique and perfectly adapted to new or emerging markets.

LLT provides engineering, manufacturing, pre-assembly and trials, transportation, erection and commissioning of the modular units.

LLT modular plants have many advantages for the users:

  • Autonomous blending units
  • Easy commissioning
  • Overall reduction of cost/schedule with independent civil works schedule
  • Easy dismantling and transportation in standard containers for installation in any country
  • Easy upgrade of production capacity through the addition of new modules
  • Easy integration in larger existing plants

Blending systems

Leroux & Lotz Technologies offers blending and filling equipment that will improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Designed to ensure that QHSE standards and cost-effectiveness are achieved at all time, they are made in close partnership with our customers to meet their specific requirements. The production equipments range from stand-alone units that can easily be integrated into existing units, to full blending process solutions. More...

Grease modular unit

LLT designs, builds and supply modular process plants and equipment specifically suitable for the production of greases. These units can operate with minimum levels of manpower and energy while ensuring a constant level of product quality.
LLT grease modular units represent an excellent solution for this process. The plant equipment is manufactured in our workshop, skid mounted and tested there before being partly dismantled, shipped and then reassembled at our customer’s facility. The system is easy to extend from a small to a medium sized production unit and requires relative low investment costs. More…

Antifreeze, coolant and special fluids modular unit

Leroux & Lotz Technologies has developed a concept of a modular blending plant especially designed for the production and packaging of antigel like and special fluids. This unit is a wide range of fluids from conventional product to products from organic formulation.
Modular plants represent a suitable solution when facing constraints in and flexibilty in the production process. More…

Expertise and services

With more than 20 years of experience in the lubricants and greases production, LLT technical team offers to its clients a high degree of engineering expertise. Our knowledge and construction experience are applied in project management and support services. More…

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